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Protecting your home and loved ones is crucial. That’s why Dunn Insurance offers CT Homeowners Insurance Coverage that you can depend on. From dwelling coverage to flood insurance, we provide homeowners insurance policies to suit your needs and budget.  In the event of theft, natural disasters and other types of covered damage, Dunn Insurance & Nationwide will be there. 

Your home insurance is one of the most important financial protections you can purchase. It’s more than an investment; your house is where you live and make memories that last a lifetime. Get the security you deserve with Dunn Insurance Inc. The local knowledge and expertise that Dunn Insurance Inc. has to offer can be your biggest asset.

We design your CT Homeowners Insurance Policy for the type of home you own and the lifestyle you enjoy. We want to protect your home, your property, your guests and more. Dunn Insurance Inc. will help you customize the right protection so your policy is as comfortable as your home.

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